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One goes down

I hope you won't think me a prude, but there was a pic by a dude I ordinarily enjoy that went a little over the line for me in language and theme so I removed it.

I'm not big on censorship, but prominent use of a word for female anatomy that begins with "C" I have trouble with... :(
Molly B:sleepy:


Burnout by CaptainZammo Burnout :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 30 12 Uptown Takedown by CaptainZammo
Mature content
Uptown Takedown :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 27 3
Magnetic Defeat by CaptainZammo Magnetic Defeat :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 41 6 Magnetic Attraction by CaptainZammo Magnetic Attraction :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 47 9 Defeated Wonder Woman by CaptainZammo Defeated Wonder Woman :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 54 7 A Teapot Sized Tempest by CaptainZammo
Mature content
A Teapot Sized Tempest :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 17 1
Right Hook by CaptainZammo
Mature content
Right Hook :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 21 7
Intimate Encounter by CaptainZammo
Mature content
Intimate Encounter :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 53 9
Amazon defeat by CaptainZammo Amazon defeat :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 53 21 This is how we handle snoopers by CaptainZammo This is how we handle snoopers :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 79 21 Traitor by CaptainZammo Traitor :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 33 10 Doggone Witchies by CaptainZammo
Mature content
Doggone Witchies :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 9 9
Under Counter Encounter by CaptainZammo
Mature content
Under Counter Encounter :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 14 3
Itty Bitty Beach Battle by CaptainZammo
Mature content
Itty Bitty Beach Battle :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 18 5
Warming Up by CaptainZammo Warming Up :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 27 7 Minotaur Meanie by CaptainZammo Minotaur Meanie :iconcaptainzammo:CaptainZammo 39 17
Some of our favorite sleepy and/or imperiled girls! :D
I started this group with the best of intentions and have wound up neglecting it terribly.  My apologies and my thanks to those like Gytalf and Captain Zammo who have kept the group alive.  I will try to be more involved.

My special apologies to those who have submitted stuff and had it ignored.
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sjdrake2006 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any way of submitting material to the group?
Dick--Justice Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
Is the submission folder going to be cleared out so we can submit stuff again?
MosbyRedux Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
Hello to visual artists and watchers out there!  Ever have that problem where you may think of interesting ideas for a written story of sleepiness, peril, or both, but don't feel like writing the tale yourself?  Look no further than :iconsuperman1764:.  He's a fine writer currently looking for prompts and story ideas.

Send him a note, or respond to his journal here.  You can check out his gallery and sample his work while you're at it.  I'm sure he'd be interested in working with you :)
bbwkofan Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Lola was one the beach enjoying a nice quiet relaxing day in the sun.
Lola by keymakernyc  
Until she heard what started out as a faint sounding whistle (like the cartoon falling sound effect) Just thing she noticed  a shadow around her and as he shadow got bigger the whistle sound got louder and then she heard a womans voice scream "look out belowwwww"
Boink by keymakernyc  
Lola's cousin Tracy randomly fell from the sky and crash landed on Lola's large ass.  As she landed her chin hit the back of Lola's head cause both girls to become cuckooed and dazed seeing stars.
Lola and Tracy dazed by keymakernyc  
Lola had a dopely look of disbelief on her face while Tracy was in full cuckoo with eyes crossed and her tongue sticking out. Right before the dazed ladies were able to recover they where both wiped out by large wave.  If course this caused them to see even more stars.
Lola and Tracy wipeout by keymakernyc 
Damn Lola has a really nice ass.
Shadow-Midori Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Professional General Artist
Can I submit my works here?
bbwkofan Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
Spicee storms out of her video shoot angry at The Director she is on her way to her dressing room. She is in a foul mood plus she hungry.  I feel sorry for anyone that gets in her way when she is this state. She sees Trixie and her friend (I don't know her name so I will make one up) Nancy walk to the set ready to shoot their scenes. They are laughing and seem to be in good sprites and that further annoyed Spicee.  She gave them a evil gaze and walked towards them.
Meangirl Spicee by keymakernyc  
As the large Villainess walked towarded the 2 sweet but dimwitted chubby beauties a fear grabbed them.   They both have seen this look on Spicee's face before and they knew nothing good could happen next. Both some were paralyzed with fear.  Spicee said "what do you two find funny" Nancy was froozen in place shivering and her teeth chattering Trixie wisely stepped up and said "nothing".  There was a chilling moment of silence until Spicee said "I have no time to waste with you to peeons" and walked alway.  Nancy said "wow that was close" Trixie replied "yeah, I was so scared I almost peed on myself".  That breif moment of relief was over when Spicee appeared behind the 2 cuties cuties and slammed their heads together.
Trixe and Friend Cuckoo by keymakernyc  
Both girls were quickly put into a cuckoo state selefg colorful stars and birds.  Trixie's googly eyes spun around so fast they looked like 2 swirls and her tongue hung out her mouth while she swayed right and left she heard birds tweeting. Nancy's eyes turned into 2 Xs she hoped around till she bumped into Trixien her long tongue hanging out of her mouth drooling on Trixie's huge boobs, Nancy heard chirping birds.  Both dim witted ladies grabbed on each other while they slowly fell to ground with a thud. They both landed in unflattering way with their legs wide open exposing Trixie's pink pantie with yellow smilely faces and Nancy's lace black thongs.  Both defeated women's eyes were turned instead their pretty heads with their mouths wide open drooling, they at this point heard loud cuckoos.  Spicee walked alway proud of her handy work.  Before the evil woman entered her dressing room she laughed at her 2 victims. In Spicee's dressing room there are 2 Karft Food carts full of sandwiches, fruits, cakes and candy enough for a whole cast and video production crew to eat as long as Spicee is not part of that group.  Yes Spicee is not only  mean girl but she is  very greedy woman.  She ate the whole spread and she wanted more.  She yelled "I am still hungry get me another cart {BURRRRRRRR}!!!".  Before the crew memeber could come to bring her food Spicee started to see colorful spots and felt a little woozy then she said to herself "hmmm I might be full, nite nite" Spicee feel asleep and dropped on the couch face first plop and then she was out snoring.  Just then a crew remember named Sue wheeled in the food cart.  Spicee's fat ass was pointed towards the enterence as Sue wheeled the cart closer she let out a loud fart and as the foul odor filled the room Sue ran out yelling "you nasty fat bitch".  Spicee turned on her back she will be in his position for the couple of hours.
Spicee Napping by keymakernyc  
Later on that day Trixie, Nancy, The Director, and the crew were having a meeting airing out their frustrations over Spicee's unlady like behavior.  Trixie and Nancy were wisly quite because they know as Spicee's lackies they know very well how she could be and there is no changing her while crew members like Sue were very vocal about her disdain for Spicee's actions " she is horrible just listen were can her loud snoring from here, she belches, passes gas and doesn't even say excuse me, she treats us like we are her slaves well you are." Sue was refering to Trixie and Nancy.  There was a loud crash and then in the background you hear Spicee yell "OWWWW" Sue then says "look Queen Hippo is finally up and fell off her throne.". Just then Nancy and Trixie ran off because they didn't want to get caught at a aniti Spicee meeting.  Sue in disgust said " run off you two foolish slaves do your Queen's bidding" The Director said "I have a way to teach that heffer a lesson". A few minutes later Spicee was done with her shower she changed into a very tight fitting dress.  She was looking a herself admiring her beauty.  One could forget how stunning Spicee is because of her ugly attitude.  While looking for her shoes Spicee noticed a trail of chocolates.  A normal person would have been suspicious of random chocolates on the ground in a straight line.  But once again Spicee's greed got the best of her. Because at that moment Spicee paying more attention the chocolate instead of what she was about to step on.  She put her big bare foot on some marbles and she lost all balance and was slipping around till the momentum of her tremendous weight send head first into a load baring wall SMASH!! The building shook a little once she was able to recover she was seeing spots and head silight cuckoo.  She got up and was still wobbly and she noticed stars spinning around her head and said " I am going to catch you stars.
Spicee Wobbly by keymakernyc 
Spicee was in a dazed stupor. She was so dazzed and confused she forgot about the marbles that she just tripped over. She tripped backwards heading the back of her head on the ground.  Now Spicee was back to normal and she was pissed off because she knows she was set up.  Before she could get up and get her revenge she saw an anvil coming right for her face.  Spicee's eyes opened wide and popped out her head mouth open wide as fear griped her as she knew she couldn't avoid impact and BONK!!! The anvil hit Spicee directly in the face. She was out cold. The crew come in laughing at Sphead because she was left looking silly with her eyes rolled in the back of her head tongue out drooling with her legs open exposing her big pink granny panties.  Sue asked "what do we do with her next?" The Director said "I want to throw her out on her fat ass with the trash but I have a heart I kick her out when she returns from LaLa Land.  Two large security guards came and each too one of Spicee's big feet and dragged her to her dressing room.  Once in her room Sue used a forklift to drop Spicee on her bed.  Spicee was striped down to just her pink panties.  She awoken to find out she was just her underwear no bra on.  She was still very drowsy as she was still snoring and seeing colorful stars.  Before she had a chance to even find out what was going on everything went black and all she saw next was stars.
Spicee in star land by keymakernyc  
A giant safe was dropped on her and all that was visible werr her 2 big feet sticki g out from under the safe.  Trixie and Nancy were both laughing from a high balcony as they just got their revenge after years of being treated like dirt by Spicee.
bbwkofan Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015
Spicee was on the set of a movie where she is going to play the role of a street walker turned Superhero in front of a green screen.
Spicee on set by keymakernyc  
After watching her shake her sexy fat ass I saw my chance to get my revenge for missing out on an opportunity to knock Spicee cuckooo at IHOP.  I picked up a nice shiney golf club that would look perfect over her head.
Spicee vs Golf Club by keymakernyc  
I hit Spicee extra hard.  She was knocked silly instantly.  Gravity took over and that lard booty beauty fell on her great fat ass.
Spicee falls by keymakernyc  
Of course when Spicee falls downs its always comedic a sight to behold.  Her large legs in the air is something that I dream of everyday.  Once she hit the ground she was out for the count snoring. It took a whike for her to come out bearlike slumber.

Spicee Poked by keymakernyc  
Spice a little dazed seeing colorful flashing lights tried to get up when I aimed a trident that I borrowed from Aquaman at her enormous rump.  POINK was the heard as i poked her buffalo butt.
Spicee in pain and embarrassed by keymakernyc  
Spicee screamed in pain and the laugher started from the cast and crew that Spicee continues to torement and bully.  Spicee crawled away in embarrassment as the laugher got louder and louder.
hojojitsu Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to contribute some art, but I don't see a submit button in the gallery.

CaptainZammo Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you submit from the piece of art you want to contribute.  If the groups doesn't show up, type it in...
hojojitsu Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It says that I don't have permission. Do I need to be a contributor instead of just a member? Anyway, here's the picture:

Super Slaves by hojojitsu
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